2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ FAQs

Applications for England tickets to the World Cup opened on Tuesday 5 December and closed at 9am on Wednesday 31 January 2018. 

Please refer to our FAQs below for more information about ticket applications, FAN IDs and getting around Russia.

We will endeavour to update the FAQ page when more information about the tournament becomes available. 


I am a Travel Club member, how can I apply for tickets to see England at the World Cup?

The ticket application process for Travel Club members started at 9am on Tuesday 5 December 2017 and closed on Wednesday 31 January 2018. 

FIFA will hold a further first-come-first-served sale between Wednesday 18 April and Sunday 15 July for any last remaining tickets. These tickets will be for any match which remains under-sold so we cannot guarantee that there will be tickets available for England games. Supporters should be mindful that the tickets sold via the FIFA website from April onwards may not be in the official England allocation and may be for collection only in the host city. 

Travel Club members who still require tickets to the Tunisia and Panama games (and do not already have a ticket) can call 0800 389 1966 to purchase. Tickets are priced at £81 and £127. 

I am only a member of the free Supporters Club; can I still apply for tickets?

During the December-January application process only members of the Travel Club were able to apply for tickets in the official England allocation at the World Cup.

During FIFA's first-come-first-served sale from April, supporters do not necessarily need to be members of the Travel Club but they should be mindful that if they do purchase England match tickets, they may be allocated tickets in FIFA's 'general public' seats and not in the official 'England End'. 

How many tickets can I apply for?

FIFA have set a limit of 7* tickets per person throughout the whole tournament. This number includes any tickets you’re allocated via The Travel Club and any tickets you purchase through FIFA’s General Public sale. As with previous tournaments fans can apply for tickets in groups of up to 4 people. Based on the number of matches you apply for, the total number tickets available across the sale phases is 28**.

Can I purchase tickets to non-England games through The FA?

No, if you wish to attend other matches you can do so by applying directly via FIFA through their first-come-first-served sale. Please be mindful that you cannot apply for more than 7 matches in total across all applications. For example, if you apply for 3 matches during FIFA’s General Public sale, you will only be able to apply for up to 4 England matches through The Travel Club.

I have already been allocated tickets to England games but can I apply for more through FIFA's next sale?

No, FIFA have advised that fans applying for tickets will be restricted to a total number of 7* matches throughout the whole tournament. If you enter duplicate applications for the same matches then all applications may be cancelled without refund. 

Can I apply for non-Travel Club members?

During the December-January application process, Travel Club members could only apply for themselves and other Travel Club members. Non-members can purchase tickets during the first-come-first-serve sale, but should be mindful that there may not be any availability for England tickets. 

How will the application process be affected if other members of my group are on different caps level?

During the December-January application period each individual member was reviewed separately. Some may have been guaranteed tickets as a result of their caps level. Those who are not guaranteed tickets were entered into a ballot. If more than one of you in the group was entered into the ballot then every member of the balloted group will either be successful or unsuccessful. The only oversubscribed match for the World Cup was the Belgium game and the caps cut-off to be guaranteed a ticket was 44. Any Travel Club member below 44 caps would have been entered into the ballot. For more information, please read the news story here: https://englandsupporters.thefa.com/b/news/archive/2018/02/23/england-v-belgium-caps-cut-off 

I have 0 caps; what is the likelihood of getting a ticket through The FA?

In the event that the members’ ticket allocation was over-subscribed, no tickets were allocated to Travel Club members who had not attended a single England match in the 2016-2018 membership period.  If the members’ ticket allocation was under-subscribed for a match, those members on 0 caps will be allocated a ticket (providing the category selection is available). With the exception of the Belgium game, all other England matches were under-subscribed and therefore most Travel Club members were allocated what they had requested. 

We recommended that members on 0 caps apply for category 1 or 2 tickets to increase their chances of being successful but made no guarantees that they would be successful. 

Please note: Caps for the March and June friendlies do not count towards caps totals for the World Cup as they occur after the application process closed. 

Members of my group have different caps totals; will we all be successful with our application?

We encouraged fans that are on similar caps levels to apply together. However; top and low cappers were encouraged to apply separately and for a different category in order to stand a good chance of being successful.

For example:

Lead member Tom has 52 caps and applies for category 3 tickets. Dick and Harry have 16 caps each and apply with Tom for category 3 tickets. It is likely that Tom will be successful in his application but Dick and Harry will not be allocated tickets (due to their caps level). Therefore, we would strongly advise that Tom apply on his own for category 3 tickets (or with others on a similar caps level) and Dick and Harry apply separately for a category 1 ticket (and check the box to say that they would accept a category 2 ticket). Therefore, all three members have a better chance of being allocated tickets - albeit separately.


What ticket type do I need to apply for? 

There were 3 ways to apply for an England match ticket 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ on the FIFA website:

1. Supporter Tickets

2. Individual Match Tickets

3. Venue Specific Tickets

Please note that members of the Travel Club should have only applied through the 1st route - Supporter Tickets. This was the allocation provided to The FA for Travel Club members. If you applied for an England ticket through either option 2. Individual Match Tickets or 3. Venue Specific Tickets, be aware that this is not our allocation so we had no control over the ballot process for tickets. Please also be aware that you may not necessarily be sat in the official 'England end' of the stadium.  

How do I amend or cancel a match from my application?

As tickets for Travel Club members have now been allocated and FIFA have completed the payment process, ticket applications can no longer be amended or cancelled. To view FIFA's ticketing Terms and Conditions, please visit their website here

Ticket Categories

What are the different ticket categories?

The prices for each category can be seen in the table below. Tickets are sold in US dollars but the exchange rate given below is for information only. 

During the application process, FIFA allowed you to indicate whether you will accept a ticket in the category below only. 

For example, if you selected Category 2 tickets and ticked the box that allowed you to move down, should Category 2 be unavailable, you may have been moved to Category 3. FIFA advised that supporters could not be moved up if the category they apply for is full. 

Information about the location of each ticket category in each stadium can be found here but an example of the category layout can be seen below for the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow

For the First-come-first served sale starting in April, supporters will not have the option to move down a category. 

How do I know what category to apply for?

FIFA provided a ‘traffic light’ system in place which will allowed members who were applying to gauge the availability of tickets. This traffic light system will be in place for the first-come-first-served sale starting in April but supporters should be mindful that there might not be a full range of categories to choose from. 

Category split

The breakdown of the category split for each match for the tickets available to Travel Club members  was: 

Tunisia v England – 100 x cat 1, 504 x cat 2, 1512 x cat 3

England v Panama  -  100 x cat 1, 514 x cat 2, 1541 x cat 3

England v Belgium  - 100 x cat 1, 330 x cat 2, 989 x cat 3

Round of 16  -  100 x cat 1, 675 x cat 2, 2025 x cat 3

Quarter Final  - 100 x cat 1, 550 x cat 2, 1650 x cat 3

Semi Final  - 100 x cat 1, 1000 x cat 2, 3000 x cat 3

Match for 3rd Place - 100 x cat 1, 925 x cat 2, 2775 x cat 3

Final - 100 x cat 1, 1075 x cat 2, 3225 x cat 3   

Category 3 tickets 

We advised Members on the 18th January that we had enough category 3 tickets for all matches at the World Cup except for the Belgium game to meet the demand from members. This was still the case when applications closed on the 31st January. 

When will I know if I have been successful with my application through The Travel Club?

The application process closed on Wednesday 31 January. Shortly after this date FIFA sent The FA all the application data. As the Belgium game was the only match which was oversubscribed, a ballot was run in accordance with the membership rules. The FA then sent the ballot results back to FIFA who then communicated to supporters by the end of February the outcome of their application.

FIFA contacted all supporters who had issues with their payment or delivery details requesting that they update any of their information and by the end of March the ticket allocation process for the World Cup had been finalised. 


What payment methods are accepted?

FIFA accept both VISA and Mastercard credit or debit cards for ticket purchases. Supporters who purchased conditional knock-out match tickets were requested to provide payment card details with an expiry date after August 2018. In the event that England do not reach a particular knock-out stage, the conditional ticket for that match will be voided and a refund processed onto the original payment at the end of the tournament. 

Once I have submitted my application, can I change my payment details?

Supporters had until the 31st January to make any changes to their payment details. If you have conditional knock-out tickets and your payment details have changed since you paid for your tickets, you will need to contact FIFA directly should England fail to meet a particular knock-out stage. 

When will FIFA take payment for my tickets?

FIFA begun taking payment for tickets from mid-February. 

What happens if my payment card gets declined?

If FIFA were unable to take payment for the tickets you were allocated due to insufficient funds or any other reason, they would have contacted you via the email provided on your application to advise and request that you update your details. If you did not update your details when FIFA requested, you may have had your application cancelled. 

We recommended that  Travel Club members contact their bank in advance (to advise of the pending transaction and ensure sufficient funds are available in their account) once they had received the email from FIFA confirming their ticket allocation.

Can I use a relative or friend’s payment card to pay for my tickets?

No, the name on the payment card must have matched that of the lead applicant. If you provided payment card details that were in someone else’s name and your application was rejected, this may have been the reason why. 


How many tickets have England been allocated for each fixture?

FIFA have advised that England received around 8% of the saleable allocation of each stadium England are due to play in: 

Tunisia v England – 2816

England v Panama – 2855

England v Belgium – 2119

Round of 16- 3500

Quarter Final – 3000

Semi Final – 4800

Final – 5100

When will I receive my tickets to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™?

FIFA have advised that tickets will be dispatched between April and May 2018. Please be aware that in accordance with security procedures a small number of members will be selected by The FA to collect their tickets in person in Russia. These fans will be notified in advance and will be provided with the collection details nearer to the tournament. 

Travel Club members are advised that tickets will be posted to the lead applicant. 

Do I have to pay for postage?

No, delivery charges are included in the cost of the ticket.

Can I change my delivery address?

Supporters had until the 31st January to make any changes to their delivery address. If you have moved address since your ticket allocation was confirmed, you will need to contact FIFA directly.  

If England get through to the knock-out stages, will my tickets still be posted?

If you were successfully allocated knock-out tickets and England reach that particular stage, all ticket-holders will be required to collect their tickets in person in Russia.

Please be aware that tickets for conditional knockout tickets i.e. they are dependent on England reaching that particular stage of the tournament will be subject to a 10% handling fee. This is a fee FIFA have introduced and cannot be removed.  

If I lose or forget to bring my tickets with me, can I collect them instead?

No. Tickets which are scheduled for delivery will not be available for collection in Russia. If your tickets are being delivered to you, we recommend that you read FIFA's Delivery Terms and Conditions.  

If I purchase further tickets in the Last Minute Sale, will these be posted with my other tickets?

No. Any tickets purchased during the Last Minute Sale which starts from the 18th April will need to be collected out in Russia. 

Can I sell or transfer my ticket to someone else?

No, the sale or passing on of tickets allocated using a Travel Club membership to either other members, non-members or any other third party is strictly forbidden. This includes advertising your ticket for sale on social media platforms or any other internet or web based platform - including the England Supporters Club forum. Any member who sells, offers to sell or passes on their match ticket may have that ticket cancelled and/or their ESTC membership suspended pending an appeal.

Are tickets available for disabled spectators?

Disabled tickets are available for each 2018 FIFA World Cup match for Travel Club members who require wheelchair accessible seating or seats with additional leg space. All ticket applications for disabled seating will receive one complimentary ticket for a companion free of charge. 

Are Individual Match Tickets for England games in the England end?

No, only tickets for England games purchased via the designated 'Supporter' route located in the official England allocation. If you selected the 'Supporter Tickets' rather than 'Individual Match Tickets' option on the FIFA website, then you will be sat in the official 'England end' of the stadium. 

I was unsuccessful with a ticket for the World Cup but have seen one for sale on a third party site, can I purchase one from them?

No. The only official sellers of World Cup tickets are FIFA and the participating football associations. Any tickets obtained from a third party source (website, social media, internet auctions or supporters) will be automatically cancelled once identified. Supporters should also be mindful that they will not be allowed entry into the stadium if the details of the ticket do not match that of the FAN ID. For more information about unauthorised sellers please read here: https://englandsupporters.thefa.com/b/news/archive/2018/03/01/world-cup-unauthorised-ticket-sellers 

What are FIFA's contact details?

If you need to contact FIFA about your application, please call +41 44 563 2018. If you need to call them whilst in Russia, the number is 8 495 787 2018. Alternatively, please use their 'contact us' form here: https://support.tickets.fifa.com/en-gb/enquiry-form.aspx 


What is a FAN ID?

A FAN ID is a document that all spectators must have to gain access to the stadium. The FAN ID allows for visa-free entry to Russia and therefore you will not need to apply for a visa if visiting the country for the purpose of attending the tournament.

The FAN ID is a compulsory document required by Russian authorities and entitles the holder to free use of some public transport. Supporters should be aware that neither FIFA nor the FA are responsible for organising FAN IDs and it solely the responsibility of the individual ticket-holder. If you do not apply for a FAN ID you will be required to apply for a Russian tourist Visa. If you do not apply for a FAN ID or visa, you will not be permitted entry into Russia. 

How do I get a FAN ID?

Once you have bought a ticket for a World Cup match (or received confirmation that you have been allocated a ticket), you will be able to apply for a FAN ID. The link to register for a FAN ID is: https://www.fan-id.ru/. You must have your FAN ID and ticket to enter stadiums in Russia. For security purposes, FAN IDs may also be scanned upon exit of the stadium. Neither The FA nor FIFA are responsible for the issue of FAN IDs.

Please note: If the photo of the FAN ID is not a match with the person entering the stadium, Russian authorities will not permit that person entry to the stadium. Similarly, the name on the ticket entering the stadium must be the same of that on the FAN ID, if this does not occur, we cannot guarantee that Russian authorities will allow entrance to the stadium. For more information, please visit our FAN ID news story here: https://englandsupporters.thefa.com/b/news/archive/2018/02/27/russia-2018-fan-id-information 

Is my FA fan number the same as a FAN ID?

No! these are two entirely separate documents. Your FA Fan number allows you to access tickets to England matches and was required when submitting an application for World Cup tickets but it will not allow you visa-free access to Russia. You must acquire a FAN ID to gain entry into Russia and the stadiums once you have been allocated a ticket. 

Important information: We have received a number of enquiries from Travel Club members asking if their Travel Club membership card is the Russian FAN ID. We would like to stress to supporters that Travel Club membership cards (or any other FA membership card) does not act as your FAN ID. If you are going to the World Cup, you can request your FAN ID here: https://www.fan-id.ru/ 

How long will it take for me to receive my FAN ID?

Once you have been allocated a ticket and have applied for a FAN ID, it can take about a month to arrive via post. Once your FAN ID has been approved you should receive an email or text advising of the dispatch of your FAN ID. Alternatively, you can have your FAN ID sent to a visa collection centre near you. For more information, please visit: https://www.fan-id.ru/help.html 

How can I find out information about the free transport offered with the FAN ID?

Visit https://tickets.transport2018.com/free-train/schedule for information about the free rail services around Russia during the tournament or to reserve your seat. Please be aware that further train services will be released at a later date, so the information currently displayed will be added to by the Russian authorities. 

Travel Information 

Are there any Travel packages available through The FA?

Our Official Travel Partner is Gullivers Sports Travels. They are offering travel packages to all England matches. For more information, please visit their website by clicking the image below.

Is the cost of travel in Russia included with my ticket?

No, but some host cities may provide free access to public transport between host city areas and the stadium on match days. Train journeys between host cities on match days for ticketholders (with FAN ID) may also be available. For detailed information of each host city and the public transport network in Russia, please refer to the ‘Host City Spectator Guides’ on www.fifa.com nearer to the tournament. 

Do you have any safety advice for supporters travelling to Russia?

Work is in hand between UK and Russian police to help ensure the safety of British supporters and continues in the run up to the tournament. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office have put together some travel and safety tips to help supporters who are travelling out to Russia for the tournament which you can view here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/be-on-the-ball-world-cup-2018 

How do I book my transport around Russia?

The website to book train tickets for travel around Russia is: http://welcome2018.com/en/free-transport/. We recommend that supporters book their internal travel arrangements before the tournament begins. 

Please be aware that neither FIFA nor The FA is responsible for the organisation or availability of the train services provided for the World Cup. If you have any questions about the services, please email support@transport2018.com. 

Are there any passport requirements for entering Russia?

Your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months after the expiry date of your FAN ID or visa. If you lose your passport during the World Cup, this will affect your ability to use your match ticket and FAN ID as all 3 documents are linked, it is therefore imperative that you take good care of your passport before and during the tournament. 

My passport details have changed since applying for tickets or a FAN ID, what do I do? 

Once your new passport has arrived, you will need to contact FIFA with the details. You will also need to email englandsupportersclub@thefa.com so your membership can be updated. If you have already requested a FAN ID and your details have since changed you will need to email support@fan-id.ru with your FAN ID request number and the change of details. You need to ensure that the details on your FAN ID, passport and ticket all match. 

I am travelling to Russia via Belarus; do I need to get a separate visa?

We have been advised that a visa is not needed if you are visiting Belarus for less than 5 days (the day you arrive counts as day one, regardless of arrival time). However supporters affected are advised to contact the Embassy of Belarus directly for further advice and details. For the contact details of foreign embassies in the UK please visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/foreign-embassies-in-the-uk 

Does my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) cover me whilst in Russia?

EHICs are not valid in Russia so travel insurance is essential - even if you're only coming for 1 match. Insurance can save you a lot of money if your personal belongings are lost or stolen or if you require medical treatment or repatriation. When purchasing travel insurance please ensure your policy covers you for any additional activities you plan to do. 

Please note: We have been advised that luggage at Russian airports is prone to go missing or be opened and examined. We therefore strongly recommend that supporters obtain appropriate travel insurance that covers loss or theft of personal belongings and that supporters keep anything that is of significant value in their hand luggage. 

At the stadium 

What time do the stadiums open?

Stadiums will typically open 3 hours before kick-off. We strongly recommend that supporters arrive at the stadium at least an hour before kick-off to ensure they do not miss any of the match. 

Can I bring a bag into the stadium? 

We have been advised by FIFA that supporters are strongly discouraged from bringing bags into the stadium. If you do bring a bag, please be aware that it will be subject to a security check and may be taken from you, to be collected at the end of the match if it is too big to be permitted into the ground. If you must bring a bag with you, we'd advise it be no bigger than an A4 piece of paper. 

Do I need to bring my FAN ID with me to the stadium?

Yes, Russian Federal Law states that spectators are required to present and carry the FAN ID for the purpose of accessing a stadium on match day. If you do not bring your FAN ID with you (even if you have a ticket) you will not be allowed to enter the stadium. 

I am a disabled supporter, are mobility scooters and wheelchairs permitted?

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are permitted into the stadium. However, supporters are advised that they cannot exceed a speed of 6km/h and be no more than 4.2ft in length. 

What items are prohibited?

Spectators at the World Cup are advised that the following items are prohibited from all stadiums: weapons of any kind, flammable and pyrotechnical substances, glass containers and bottles, aerosols, umbrellas, drones or kites, thermoses or flasks, flags or banners displaying or containing Nazi symbols and/or other extremist organisation symbols or slogans. Flags, apparel or banners aimed at discrimination of any kind are also prohibited from the stadium. For the full list of prohibited items, please refer to the Stadium Code of Conduct here

Can I bring my flag into the stadium?

Flags and banners larger than 2 x 1.5m are prohibited. Smaller flags and posters are allowed on the condition that they are made from a material categorised as "a low fire hazard". Poles for flags or posters are not allowed. 

* 8 matches if the 3rd/4th place play-off match is applied for.

** 32 matches if the 3rd/4th place match is included.